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Neighborhood Workplace



Ordinance Definition

Botetourt County’s Traditional Neighborhood Development ordinance defines the Workplace area of a TND as:

“An area in which industrial, commercial, civic and open space uses may be located.

The ordinance also sets further parameters for the Workplace:

“Workplace areas are an optional component of the TND. They shall contain only light industrial, commercial, civic, and open space uses, and shall be distinct areas, contiguous to some other portion of the TND, but need not be contiguous to each other or to the core area. The total land in workplace areas shall include no greater than twenty (20) percent of the total net development area of the TND.”

Permitted uses within a Workplace area:

  • All permitted residential, commercial and civic uses of the B-1 and B-2 districts for which the floor plate of structures does not exceed twenty thousand (20,000) square feet.

  • Dwelling, mixed use.

  • Additional uses from other districts of this chapter, and additional use limitations may be provided by the approved development plan for the project, subject to approval by the board of supervisors as part of a rezoning to the TND District.


Workplace Highlight 2.png
Workplace Highlight.png

Commerce for the whole community

The Workplace area for Harvest at Blue Ridge can host commercial tenants that serve the neighborhood and other nearby residents. It’s close proximity to Alt. 220 serves to attract more desirable tenants that want highway visibility.



The following structures are allowed within the Workplace zone:

  • Commercial

  • Commercial (Mixed Use)

In the gallery below, each building type is shown with typical layouts and some example elevations:

Note: Elevation drawings are meant to convey scale and form only, and aren’t necessarily reflective of Harvest at Blue Ridge’s architectural style or standards.

Commercial Typical Layout.jpeg
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